How does Cybertracx work?

Cybertracx is an automated data center operation system, to leverage the quality and efficiency of your data center. Next is the brief of SmarRack's innovative functions, I'm sure you will find big value in it.
  1. Rack-unit-level Assets Positioning. Help operational staff find the target device quickly. This will save 80% of the time for server maintenance.

  2. Automated Assets Change Recording. This will tremendously simplify the working procedure, and avoid human mistakes.

  3. Rack Space Utilization Management. To help you make the most use of your data center, get higher ROI.

  4. Operational Status LED Indicator. Give operators on-site reminder, to avoid unawared mistakes.

  5. Weight/Power Overload Warning. Automatically alarms when overload happens.

  6. Automated Lifecycle Management. Remind operators to renew old devices on time.

  7. Automated Assets Sum-up & Value Calculation. Get accurate assets & financial data of your data center, without any labor cost